Professional Make Up Artist

Indi Sahota

My name is Indi and I am a newly qualified makeup artist based in Leicestershire. For the last 5 years I have become ever increasingly interested in make-up and the influence began from wanting to replicate looks created by models I had seen in fashion magazines or on social media.

I was very much accustomed to having makeup completed by a qualified MUA for special occasions such as weddings, big birthdays and even for my promotion at the work Christmas Party! I enjoyed the pampering as I wasn’t fully confident to go to a big event completing my own makeup. However, over the past few years my understanding of techniques used to create various looks brought on a glowing confidence and in turn, I started taking my first steps into the MUA life. I began by seriously investing in some MAC makeup brushes and products and since then I have always done my own makeup, as well as lots of family and friends’ make up for the last 3 years.

In the summer of 2016, I was asked for a favour from a close friend to carry out some eye make-up. By the end of that evening, I had carried out a full face of make-up and words of encouragement were exchanged….a seed had been planted…!

My friend had encouraged me to take this up as a profession. Her comments and persistence then prompted me to look at courses to become a professional Makeup Artist. This was the moment I had decided to take make up with added conviction and to the next level. I then came across the London School of Makeup.

After completing the course which consisted of recreating day look, evening look and European Bridal, I am now a fully qualified makeup artist with the International Makeup Association.

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